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Top 10 Textile Companies in India

The land of vibrant colors, flavorsome spices, medicinal herbs, and unshakable value, India, has kept elongating its pathways to different channels for growth as well as development. The famous textile industry in India is an example of those sectors that employ skilled and unskilled labor. Therefore, it resolves the problem of disguised unemployment by helping a large number of people on a national level with undeviating employment alternatives.

When folks walk down to fancy stores, it is hard for them to notice the hidden power behind the branded clothes on the display. The top textile industry in India has not only nourished the clothing demand of the nation but has reached beyond the borders. Indian textiles are setting the benchmark of quality and elegance through popular international brands, which procure clothing from domestic manufacturers.

One Nation and Sundry Textiles 

No one can ever forget the painstaking time that India spent in the shackles of colonialism. While the industrial base of India was receiving massive shock due to the abrasive taxation policies of the British, the textile industry of the west was retaining more consumers.

Not just that, India had to compromise with the cheaper quality of goods while the British procured the best quality of raw material from India at the cheapest price possible. From the darkest hour of its history, India rose to the heights of success. First, the country spread the value of Indian clothing by launching the Swadeshi movement during the period of colonialism. Second, the country gained back the command of textiles post the period of independence. Besides, after the launch of LPG norms in India, the nation witnessed a new dawn in the area of the textile industry.

Today, India does not deal in a specific textile segment. The country has seen a rise in different textile businesses. From simple cotton outfits to sophisticated ethnic wear and from basic bedcovers to valuable terry towels, India has everything.

The apparel and textiles manufactured in India have not remained restricted to the boundaries of the country. About 11% of the total exports of India are credited to the textile industry. Therefore, the contribution of the Indian textile industry to the GDP can be understood pretty well from these statistics.

Here, we unveil the 10 top textile companies in India that are the pride of the nation.

  • Sudarshan Terry Mills: Started in 2003, Sudarshan Terry Mills is a leading manufacturing brand for cotton yarn, denim fabrics, and terry towels. The company, first, started as a cotton yarn manufacturer. However, it expanded its operations to denim fabric and terry towels in no time. Within two decades since its inception, the company has taken the position of the leading textile companies in India owing to the international quality of its products. It is one of those companies that are appreciated for merging variety into towels, denim, and cotton yarn.


  • Arvind Mills: Carrying the pride of India for more than 7 decades, Arvind Mills is one of the best companies engaged in the textile sector. Besides domestic supply, the company has many international brands in the area of apparel and textiles.


  • Welspun India: The company was started in 1985 as Welspun Winilon Mills. Today, it has diversified its businesses in different sectors. However, at the core, the company is known for outstanding home textiles.


  • Bombay Dyeing: Another brand that started as a small venture and turned out to be one of the most trusted textile companies in India is Bombay Dyeing. With its inception in the year 1879, the company has shown decades of excellence in the area of textiles.


  • Lakshmi Mills: It is one of the most respected brands in India known for its excellence in the area of yarn and fabric production. The brand has maintained its position by providing exceptional quality to customers worldwide.


  • A-Tex India: The Company came into existence in 1996 establishing its presence in manufacturing quality towels and bed sheets. A-Tex, also, started with the Jacquard saree and moved on to manufacturing a variety of towels and bed covers.


  • Raymond: Although the company is known for its operations in diversified businesses, it is primarily known for its unbeatable performance in the area of fabrics and textiles. Its consistent performance in the domain has earned it a reputation as the top textile brand in India.


  • Siyaram Silk Mills: With an extensive experience in fabrics and textiles, the company has been engaged in the manufacturing and supply of distinguished men’s garments. The company has been delivering excellence in the area of fabrics since 1978.


  • FabIndia: One of the most popular textile manufacturers in Indiathe brand is noted for its peculiarity. The brand deals in products that are hand-made using conventional skills and techniques. FabIndia helps wide-ranging customers within India and across the nations.


  • India Terry Towels: It is a reputed company dealing in terry towels and ring-spun yarn. Indian Terry Towels started in 2019, has established itself as a trusted manufacturer and trader of the best quality textiles.

From the aforementioned list, one can realize the size of the Indian textile industry. As large as the size of the textile industry of India so is the expanse of the variety. Therefore, the contribution of the textile industry is immense to the growth and development of the nation.

 On the Last Note

India has housed a huge variety when it comes to textiles and fabrics. From startups to biggest textile company in India, they have been able to deliver excellent quality across the nation. India has been a textile manufacturing base for many countries due to the value it continues to provide them. It is interesting to note the quality and cost-effectiveness that the international brands boast of being delivered from the craftsmanship of Indian manufacturers and their artists.

The name and fame that the nation has gained for its textile industry are praiseworthy. India has expanded its reach, once again, in different countries and received much more deserving momentum than ever before. When it comes to unbeatable quality and artistry, the name of India would be among the toppers on the list.

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