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Types of Towels – An Introduction

The kind of things you use or integrate with your lifestyle, define your personality. But, what do you think about towels? Do they make an unsurpassable part of your lifestyle? Starting from bathing essentials to working out in gyms and cleaning in kitchens, the uses of towels are wide-ranging.

First invented in Bursa, Turkey, the towels that were used initially were made with linen. They served the purpose of drying after bathing. Due to the higher absorbency and light weight of the linen, towels were convenient essentials that completed the bathing experience of Turkish folks in the 17th century.

The evolution in the textile industry has led to the manufacturing of different kinds of towels. There are multiple fabrics used to weave them and they all have a purpose to serve. Let’s dig deeper into the concept of towels.

Diverse Purposes of Towels 

In the contemporary age, towels are not confined to a single use. Although they were initially the emblem of the bath, new and innovative alterations in the fabric of towels were made to define new purposes for them.

The usage of each towel has helped to define them. There are different purposes for which the towels are used. These include-

  • Bathing & Drying: The most popular usage of towels is for bathing. People prefer keeping more than one set of towels in their bathroom. Now, the drying does not remain confined to post-bathing use. Therefore, towels are used to dry the hands, nails, feet, and face. Different towels are kept at different locations in the bathroom for equipping such needs. The towels that are used to dry the face and hands are generally smaller than the bath towels.
  • Wrapping: Having a lengthy and smooth towel to wrap yourself after you complete drying up after bathing or swimming is essential. Therefore, towel sheets are made. Even when you return to your place drenched in rain, the bath sheet is immensely useful for a quick change. Understanding such needs, the wrapping towels are made and they are used at beaches, spas, bathrooms, and swimming pools.
  • Cleaning: Now, the towels have reached your kitchens as well. They are meant to clean and dry surfaces that are often drenched with water. Therefore, you can find them in the bathrooms and kitchens. Cleaning towels, also, are smaller in size and contain greater absorbency. Their colors are, also, steadfast.

Towels and their Fabrics 

Although the rugged finish of the towels may make you feel that there is only one fabric used in their making, towels are, too, made of different fabrics. However, due to the greater absorbency, some towels are more popular than others, e.g. terry towels. The types of fabrics that are used in making towels are mentioned below.

  • Cotton: Whenever someone speaks of towels, cotton is the first fabric that would come to their mind. Since it is a plant-based fabric, it has no harmful reactions on the skin of people. Also, it becomes convenient to use for allergic people as well. The absorbency of cotton is excellent without any doubt!
  • Linen: Used in ancient towel making i.e. in Turkey, linen is still a popular fabric to be used in the manufacturing of towels. Linen’s long-lasting quality makes it a favorite fabric for making towels. Besides, it dries up fast and is lightweight, which are the qualities in towels that are sought after.
  • Bamboo: The texture of bamboo towels is silkier than other towels. It is common to find them in the making of kitchen towels. Once again the natural quality of the fabric keeps it smooth on the skin.

Many other fabrics are used for making towels. However, towels made with cotton and linen are the most popular ones due to the benefits they offer.

Types of Towels – A brief classification 

You have already understood that the types of towels are manifold. Their use decides their classification. Here are the various types of towels available in the market for people.

  • Bath Towel: The first name that strikes your mind when you hear the word towel is a bath towel. These rectangular pieces of textiles are widely used for the purpose of drying up after a shower or bath.
  • Bath Sheet: It has gained popularity due to the convenience it adds to the bathing experience of a person. A bath sheet gives you ample time to dry up and then put on your clothes.
  • Beach Towel: This kind of towel is more common to carry around the beaches as well as at pool parties. They are laid over a surface allowing a person to lie over them.
  • Face Towel: It is the solution for using a dedicated piece of cloth that remains untouched, by others, to dry your face after washing.
  • Hand Towel: They are handy for quickly drying up your hands once you come back home and are, generally, larger than the size of a face towel. They are, also, known to be used for manicures.
  • Spa Towel: It is usually softer than the other fabrics. They are laid over the table to give you a smooth and comforting experience during a spa.
  • Kitchen Towels: The towels are generally smaller and square-sized. They are meant for keeping the kitchen platforms dry and workable.

Face towel vs Hand towel

People often confuse a hand towel with a face towel. However, there is a huge difference between face towel and hand towelFace and hand towels are smaller in size in comparison to bath towels. However, face towels are smaller pieces of cloth when compared to hand towels.

The face towels are softer than hand towels to keep them gentle on your skin. Also, it is crucial not to use face towels for drying your hands because the skin of your face can be more sensitive than the skin of your hands.

Conclusive Remarks 

If you observe, you will find that each type of towel has its importance in your daily life. When you even think of that feeling of being drenched for longer after showers and rain or watery surfaces in the kitchens, you would realize how the presence of towels has transformed your lives.

Towels have, gradually, taken over many tasks at your place to offer you the comfort and convenience that you have looked for.

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